Q: Why can’t I login with my email?

A: Have you registered with our new website? unfortunately we weren’t able to migrate our customer database from our old website to our new one so customers need to sign up for an account with this website. Don’t worry though, you can still shop without doing so first and an account is automatically set up for you anyway when your make a purchase.

Q: I’m trying to pay for my purchases at paypal and it says order can’t be fulfilled.

A: Paypal has alerted us that this may be because you have insufficient funds or you haven’t updated your details with them.

Q: Why don’t you have sizing charts up like other retailers.

A: We’re mainly a wholesaler so all of our pants and many of our other items come in a range of fits to suit the companies we sell to so there may be a difference in cm’s in one line of size 8’s to another line’s size 8. We’re working on a size chart that will help our customers make better choices when shopping with us and a rough guide but are unable to guarantee a standard Australian size on all products. If you are worried about the measurements of a particular item please feel free to get in contact with us and we’ll have someone measure and send you out the complete specs for it.